Saturday, June 4, 2011

Buy Viagra Online: Assure an Enhanced Sexual Gratification

Viagra has long been considered as a vibrant source to get away with the problem of erectile dysfunction and works miraculously in improving one's sex life. Mostly popular with the name of sildenafil, the decision to buy Viagra online would be a smart one since it works effectively towards igniting spark to the otherwise sluggish sexless life. Satisfying intake of this effective medicine would work proficiently in providing you with high quality and long lasting erection, stiff hardness that could empower your penetration capabilities and ensure you loads of girth.

How Viagra works?

Put into simple words, Viagra acts significantly in the treatment of sexual problems by increasing the flow of blood into the penis thereby keeping the libido alive. It also helps in managing the functioning of phosphodiesterase and maintains an above par erection level that is fair enough for sexual intercourse to take place. Though men of all the age groups can buy Viagra online to ensure flawless sex to take place but its need is felt more by the aged people who are desirous of a strong catalyst to keep things moving on.

Viagra Dosage

It is strictly recommend to consult a specialist physician before opting to buy Viagra online for sexual gratification. You can buy Viagra online or from a store nearby in three different types of dosages including 100mg, 50mg and 25mg. They are readily available in the form of tablets, pills, gel, soft tabs and chewable. Depending on your doctor's recommendation any of these dosages would do the honors. But make sure to maintain a convincing time gap, at least of one hour to intake the drug before you go for sex. Ensuring a convincing time gap would further increase your chances of upgraded performance on bed while on a crazy sex drive.

Side-effects of inappropriate Viagra intake

It is indeed your doctor who can advise you better whether or not you are fit to use this highly efficacious drug, he can also guide you better on the dosage. Generally, Viagra with 50gm quantity is preferred for arising the penis so as to make way for a sexual intercourse. However, its consumption takes into account myriad factors related to one's health, age, medical condition and stamina. Special care is desired not to consume Viagra in excess otherwise it may lead to serious after effects in the form of headache, flushing, stuffy nose, upset stomach, urinary tract infection, diarrhea and so on.